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Homepage of Pelectro System Installation Services Pelectro specialises in the mechanical assembly, hardware integration and  installation of data communication cabinets to the telecommunications and data networking industries. Page about Pelectro's System Installation Services
Mount system hardware, servers, PDUs, switches, routers, multiplexers, Data communication cabinet installations
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On-site Installation: Positioning, fixing  and levelling of cabinets/ racks into suite line location on data floor, including cutting of floor  tiles.

Our Services

Pelectro is a very useful third party resource for providers who do not employ their own hardware installation personnel.

Pelectro assemble and integrate user specified hardware to customer specifications into production.

Pelectro are not system designers. Our customers design their own systems using their own engineers. What the system does is confidential and Pelectro do not necessarily need to know the details.

We do of course become involved and, using our extensive experience, work closely with the system designers to provide practical advice on the optimum cabinet or rack hardware layout. We will give guidance for example on weight distribution, cable management, connector accessibility etc. throughout the design and build.

In most cases we have found that datacentre and platform managers do not approve of cabinet assembly and cable termination work being undertaken in a live production environment. Hence the reason we have the facility to produce and test at our premises in South Yorkshire.

Cabinets are generally assembled at our factory and then transported to site. We take into account all practical aspects of transportation at the build stage. Of course systems can be assembled on site if the customer requires and there are facilities available.

No Job is too small. We pride ourselves on our reputation as responsive jobbing engineers, frequently travelling internationally to provide our services.

All Pelectro operatives are HM Government security vetted and we respect the confidentiality of our customers. This is why you will not see any reference to specific clients on this site. For most clients we are obliged, and happy, to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Pelectro provides services on the platforms supplied to many of the most well known multinational telecommunications organisations and are approved service providers to many other recognised names.



Pelectro assemble and integrate user specified hardware to customer specifications into production.

Create and install bespoke patch cabling. Generate and apply cable labelling to customer defined nomenclature.
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Fibre Optic, Twisted Pair Copper and Coaxial cable installations.